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    About donating Empty About donating

    Post  Deadlystrike on Sun Feb 06, 2011 11:09 am

    How do i donate?
    You must have a paypal account to donate you can make one with the donate link paypal uses either credit cart or bank accounts.

    Will my information be public if i donate?
    No, paypal is a secure and trusted website that many people use for money transfer paypal will directly transfer the funds of your choice and ammount to the account that your sending it to. All credit card numbers and bank account will be safe.

    What currancy and ammounts can i donate?
    You can donate using any type of currancy. Paypal takes your currancy and converts it to the value of the currancy that the reciver uses. Paypal judges on the Global exchange rate. You can choose the ammount.

    Why do we want donations?
    Currently all server and computer software is coming from our pockets. In order to keep the gamer project runing we ask that you contribute. Big or small no ammount is to small.


    $5 = VIP RANK "Very importan person" not realy that important Smile

    $10 = BIG HUG "from a dude at a prison :O" AND MANY MANY COMMANDS

    $20 = OP RANK "mod not admin admin is app only and requires programing or hosting skill set"


    Thank you!

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